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I Took a $30,000 Pay Cut to Follow My Passion—Here Are My Thoughts

It’s a Tuesday morning, and I’m on my near-daily stop at Moon Juice, swiping my debit card for a Canyon Greens and date shake (because treat yourself). The total comes to a cool $24.00 plus tax. I drop the juice into the cupholder next to my $6 latte before turning the key in the ignition. All told, I’ve spent 30-plus dollars before 9:00 AM, and—to paraphrase Bob Dylan—I don’t think twice, ’cause it’s all right.

Don’t ask me how I got there, because even now, four years later, I couldn’t tell you. Through a convoluted series of events, I’d stumbled into a role as a project manager at a web design firm, and with it came the largest paycheck of my life. I was 26 years old, and I’d gone from making $35,000 to $82,000 in just over two years.

I was also miserable.